School of Martial Arts USA

Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do at School of Martial Arts USA is taught in a fun and energetic style featuring fast, powerful kicking and punching techniques. Our classes blend exciting jumps, spins, blocks and self-defense skills into an easily learned package. School of Martial Arts USA is at the cutting edge of martial arts training and at the forefront in Tae Kwon Do skill development. Our instructors and students have trained internationally, earning National Championship honors annually. These experiences make our learning environment the finest for children and adults alike.

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Hapkido is a Korean martial art containing one of the most unique and creative self-defense arsenals found in martial arts today. Using over 1,000 self-defense techniques, School of Martial Arts USA is the leader in teaching this martial art.

Our classes include the ultimate in balance, power and precision within a safe, stimulating and fun martial arts environment. Our students receive a unique form of discipline, respect and focus combined with the best self-defense instruction anywhere.

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Little Dragons

Our Little Dragon program is designed specifically for children 4 and 5 years of age. This program is meant to help this age group develop physically and emotionally in ways parents desire most. Examples are: coordination, attention span, self-respect and proper discipline. Students also learn and practice such tenets as courtesy, self-control and perseverance while learning the foundation of a solid martial arts training program.

This program is unique to the School of Martial Arts USA because it utilizes multiple instructors within each class. This ensures that the Little Dragons program is taught in a fun, safe and structured environment.

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Jiujitsu was originally developed in Japan as a method of unarmed self-defense. It primarily utilizes extremely efficient forms of pins, joint locks and throws. American Jujitsu is a blend of Brazilian Jiujitsu and Kudokan Judo. Here at School of Martial Arts USA, we combine traditional technique with a modern dynamic. All classes are taught in an exhilarating, thorough and safe environment.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan was originally created as a martial art and the soft movements contain self-defense applications. It utilizes the ancient philosophy of yin-yang and principles of both internal and external balance. There are many different styles of Tai Chi including standing routines, moving routines and various weapons forms.

Tai Chi has been shown to improve ones health, reduce tension and aid in the treatment of such diseases as high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, stomach ailments, heart problems, headaches and nervousness or stress. Training in this art has proven to be effective in prolonging quality of life and in the rejuvenation of muscle, ligament tissue and joint stability.

Here at Martial Arts USA, Tai Chi is taught in a calm, flowing manner. All classes are kept at easily manageable sizes and taught by nationally certified instructors. Combine all this with a unique form of discipline, respect and self-achievement second to none.

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Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio-Kickboxing is an upbeat and effective program used for exercise and physical fitness. Attending regular class at School of Martial Arts USA will improve fitness, stamina and flexibility as well as greatly aid in weight loss and help increase personal self-esteem.

Our students receive strength-training benefits similar to that of weight lifting because of its repetitive nature and the “resistance” obtained from mildly striking kick bags or pads. This is a very good alternative to aerobics.

All of our Cardio Kickboxing classes are taught in an energetic, stimulating and fun exercise environment.