Kukkiwon Dan Rank Certification


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Kukkiwon Certification

The Kukkiwon is the recognized governing organization for Olympic or WTF style Taekwondo. Ownership of a Kukkiwon Dan certificate demonstrates international acceptance of Taekwondo skills. This is the highest Dan level certification available in the world today. Possession of Kukkiwon certification authenticates your earned Dan level and removes any question of your level of achievement in Taekwondo.

Unfortunately, many practicing the art of Taekwondo are unable to attain Kukkiwon certification because their instructor or facility is unable to submit Dan levels for certification.

Fortunately, here at School of Martial Arts USA, we have the ability to submit Dan levels for certification. We have a long standing relationship with Kukkiwon and Master Nicholas Imsande is recognized as a distinguished member of the Kukkiwon Certification System.

If you desire Kukkiwon certification and are unable to have your Dan level submitted, we can assist you. We work directly with the Kukkiwon and the World Taekwondo Headquarters to meet the standards and qualifications developed and set forth by them. You will find our tests to be organized and fair, containing those skills and techniques required for Kukkiwon certification.

For more information on testing for Kukkiwon certification, please use the contact icon located above on this website.


Master Nicholas Imsande

Master Nicholas Imsande has earned belt rank certification through Kukkiwon, Moo Duk Kwan and National Council on Martial Arts. He has traveled and competed extensively and is a four-time National Champion. He has been awarded numerous association appointments and is a Kukkiwon Systems Trainer and Examiner. As owner of one of the largest martial arts schools in the United States, he understands the need to aid those seeking the recognition and respect associated with proper belt rank certification.